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Every window and door we manufacture – from our smallest decorative shape to our largest fixed picture window – receives the same attention to detail and the same unwavering commitment to quality.

You may not see it by simply looking at a window, but each one is manufactured with over 40 years of innovation, technology and expertise built in.

From the glass we use to the frames we design, your windows and doors are engineered for maximum efficiency and life. All we ask is that you remember: we don’t do all this to exceed our own standards, we do it to exceed yours.

At Solensis, we produce energy efficient products that are custom built for Canadian climates. We do this by ensuring that our windows and doors exceed industry standards.

When looking for high quality windows and doors, above all else, you need to ensure the products meet your local Energy Star requirements and are CSA certified.

Energy Star Canada rates products based on a set of criteria that measure the amount of heat that comes through the window called solar heat gain (SHGC); the lower the value the better.

Energy Star also assigns an overall value known as Energy Rating (ER). The ER number indicates the energy rating of the product in question. Canada is divided into 3 Energy Star zones; make sure to choose a product with an ER rating that applies to your zone. Solensis Windows and Doors has products that are designed for the highest zone (Zone 3).

We strive to provide the best customer service experience when it comes to making an important decision about your new Window and Door purchase. That’s why we ensure we give you as much information as we can about our products and services. We are the experts and we get the Job done right!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, about our products or about our guarantee.

Solensis is a brand owned by Atis Group Inc., one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of windows and doors with nine manufacturing facilities, 1,400 employees and approximate revenues of 200 million dollars.

The group manufactures, distributes and markets a complete range of windows, doors and high performance energy-efficient products for the construction market and for residential and commercial renovations markets.

Solensis products are sold exclusively at Home Depot stores and through their exclusive installation service.