PVC Casement Window – Triple Glazed

Available in: Ontario

Material: PVC

PVC Casement Window - Triple Glazed

This triple pane window features three sheets of glass, each separated by ½” of airspace. The extra airspace provides even more insulation and protection against the elements; combined with Low-E glass, window performance is greatly enhanced. Triple pane windows are most common in areas that experience severe weather changes throughout the year.

Window Features:

  • 1 3/8” overall glass thickness: provides the best performance combined with energy-efficiency.
  • 1/2” air chambers that can be filled with argon gas
  • Multi-point hardware design: Placed in easy to reach locations on the window, opens to a full 180 degrees for no obstruction.
  • 3 1/4” precision mitered, fusion welded frame
  • Overlap screen frame
  • Opens to 90 degrees for easy-cleaning
  • Fusion welded sash and frame: Frame is precision-mitered, and then fusion welded using heat and pressure. This ensures a virtually inseparable bond and a square window.