PVC Single Sliding Window

Available in: Quebec

Material: PVC

PVC Single Sliding Window

This PVC single sliding window features a horizontally sliding contemporary sash with innovative automatic-locking Truth hardware. Available with a number of brickmould options to customize the look, this window is a great option for those looking for value combined with a large viewing area.

Characteristics & Advantages

  • 4 ½” frame with ¾“ and ½“ integrated drywall return
  • 7⁄8” thermos with warm-edge spacer
  • New-design Truth automatic locking system
  • Contemporary styling
  • Smooth operation and durable construction
  • Design permits multiple assemblies and increased reinforcement
  • Removable sash
  • Durable brass roller system


  • High-performance glass
  • Grilles and simulated divided lights (SDL)
  • Wide array of interior or exterior colours
  • Various brickmould options
  • Selection of jamb extensions
  • Wide array of architectural shapes
  • Available in triple-pane